Our Story

QuÉrica is a brand meant to represent the flavorful moment that spice up our lives.  The "Live Rich" tagline is a phrase that encourages relishing in these moments and cherishing them.

After years of creating one-of-a-kind pieces for friends and family, Designer/Owner Erica Lasan launched QuÉrica's debut Collection, Rox &Chains 1.0 in 2012.  The debut Collection is a clash of the elements; fusing the timeless grace and warmth of natural semi-precious gems and stones with the modern and industrial impression of metal and heavy chains.

With QuÉrica Jewelry being sold in 5 boutiques in the NY Tri-State area, Erica also offers a custom jewelry service for clients looking for that "something extra."

In addition to creating gems for QuÉrica Jewelry, Erica also creates original video content as well as hosting her own web channel QuÉricaTV.  To find out more about Erica and her ongoing projects, please visit www.EricaLasan.com.


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