WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: At the end of this four-week workshop you will walk away with a beautiful vision board, and a personally tailored comprehensive strategy to clearly manifest your vision/goals.  The workshop includes LIVE videos, information, and exercises to help you connect with your purpose, spark your joy, and craft your vision so you can manifest your goals with clarity-- in purpose, and ON purpose-- for the next decade and beyond.



  • Why Vision is More Than A “Nice Idea”

  • Finding your Purpose

  • How to Make A Vision Board

  • Vision Tools

  • So much more!



Erica Lasan is a Brand Consultant, On-Air Host, Speaker, Blogger, and Designer…. Oh, did we mention, she’s also a full-time stay-at-home mom of 2?  Erica has spent 16+ years of acquiring knowledge and expertise working professionally across a number of industries, including: marketing, editorial publishing, television/media production, fashion retail, fashion styling, and design.  In the 4 years since becoming a parent, Erica has ventured into full-time entrepreneurship, juggling both her babies and business. With a mission to help people (especially moms) embrace the power of creating purpose-filled, passionate lives; Erica’s work is aimed at helping others live their healthiest and happiest lives, doing what they love!

Vision Casting Workshop


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